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Reddit post titled, "LunaCognitas channel was terminated by Darcy Weir with copyright strikes." was deleted in mid 2022. My anonymous Reddit account banned in May, 2022. This video is a re-upload of that post from the archives, with some additional information. Link:

Its too bad Darcy Weir lied to the whole world about Cary's channel termination...

livingmoon post:
LunaCognitas videos in a playlist:

All of LunaCognitas videos:

Email me at if you have any questions, but I wont be very active.

Come, lay witness TO THE MOST MONUMENTAL COVERUP IN HUMAN HISTORY, where the only thing more incredible than the lies is the TRUTH. - Cary Martynuik
[ Reddit post below, with additional information in brackets. ]

Hi there,
If you guys don't know, LunaCognita aka Cary Martynuik was a YouTuber exposing NASA and Moon lies back in the ol days of YouTube, in 2008. He also did some UFO video analysis as well. Because of his superb videos, Cary gained millions of views on YouTube, and his videos were never monetized. Years later, he stopped uploading videos and his channel sat dormant for 8+ years. Then... his channel was "mysteriously" terminated recently.
This interview was posted in August 19, 2021. Titled: "HE'S ALIVE: MISSING UFO RESEARCH LEGEND SPEAKS!.." [ URL: ] It was an interview done by Tyler from secureteam10 of Darcy Weir and Cary Martynuik. At the 18:31 mark, Tyler asks Cary about his channel going, "down completely". In the end, Cary had no idea what happened to his channel. I'll transcribe it here as best as I can, key words highlighted:
Tyler: "At one point, your channel goes down completely. Do you know what happened there?"
Cary: "NO. That was one of the things that was so weird when, I got notified by someone by email, asking me, 'hey what happened to your channel?' And, I ended up having to contact YouTube..."
Tyler: "Uh huh."
Cary: "And say, 'what happened to my channel here?'"
Tyler: "Right."
Cary: "And, they really had no answer or anything."
Darcy: "We tried to recover it for like half a year remember? We were tryin a, log into it, using whatever passwords you could remember you wrote down..."
Cary: "Right."
Darcy: "Nothing."
Tyler: "Well you know, I, In hind, well... I don't know if it was, if it was a feeling I had, but years ago I, da, I was just like, this, the videos that you had, and it was only like 15 to 20 videos, I downloaded all of them. Cause I felt like something was gonna happen..."
Cary: "Great!"
More on the interview if you haven't seen it.
If anyone doesn't know, Darcy Weir is a supposed documentary film maker on UFO related subjects, Sasquatch, and others. You can find him and his work on Imdb.
So, what happened to Cary's channel?
This is where it gets ugly...
Darcy Weir copyright struck Cary Martynuik's own channel to termination.
Cary's video titled, "NASA's Alien Anomalies caught on film - A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA's archives"
Before the strike: (Archived May 19, 2015)
After the strike: (Archived October 17, 2021)
Click on the original YouTube link. YouTube themselves will tell you right there that Darcy Weir copyright claimed the video.
Proof that Cary Martynuik's channel was terminated in early 2021, I think February 2021, by Darcy Weir.
LunaCognita's channel up and running in January 25, 2021.
[ One of LunaCognita's video about the Israel Giant UFO up and running in February 3, 2021 ]
One of LunaCognita's video copyright claimed by Darcy Weir, archived on February 14, 2021. Go to the page source, find in page, "Darcy Weir", and you'll find his name there.
Another video archived in February 9, 2021, that explicitly states, "YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated." You'll find that information in the page source. Just find in page, "terminated", and you'll find the message.
[ Which means LunaCognita's channel got terminated sometime between February 3, 2021 to February 9, 2021. ]
LunaCognita video section archived in 2017. Check each video. Many of them were copyright claimed by Darcy Weir,
Enough to terminate Cary's channel.
I emailed Copyrightslap, the site Darcy Weir used to copyright strike videos, if Darcy Weir copyright struck both my channel and LunaCognita's channel. This is what Copyrightslap had to say,
"I have spoken to Cary Martynuik (previous owner of Luna Cognita channel) and we know this individual does not have the rights to upload his content to Youtube. I have the rights to the content."
That's right folks. Long story short, Darcy Weir and Cary Martynuik had an "agreement" together where Cary gave all of his rights to Darcy Weir, so that Cary has no rights to his videos. Copyrightslap highly suggests that Darcy Weir deliberately copyright struck Cary's own channel to termination, because he has no rights to his videos.
I also had an email correspondence with Darcy Weir and Cary Martynuik, but Darcy Weir kept dodging the undeniable evidence I presented to him, which was his copyright strikes again[st] LunaCognita. I questioned him about this, but he never explained it, or answered it. LunaCognita never replied back to me.
But keep in mind, Cary was confused on what happened to his channel. He didn't know Darcy Weir copyright struck Cary's channel to termination. Darcy Weir played dumb on the interview and lied to the whole world as if he never knew what happened to Cary's channel.
Darcy Weir, this is how you recover LunaCognita's channel:
Pull your copyright strikes off of LunaCognita's channel right now!
And he still hasn't up to this point. If Cary wants his channel to be restored, he will have to ask nicely to Darcy Weir to pull the strikes from Cary's own YouTube channel.
Another player into this whole incident is John T. Fountain Sr., aka Sgt.Rocknroll from Pegasus Forum on livingmoon dot com. Apparently he's close friends with Cary and Darcy, and can get into contact with Cary faster than I can. Long story short, I questioned John if he thought Darcy Weir was suspicious for copyright striking Cary's channel, and if he defended Darcy Weir's actions. His reply basically was, "I really don't give [a] damn." Clearly he dodged my questions, so I asked him again the same questions, this time presenting undeniable evidence with archives. In short, his last reply back to me was, "I don’t give a damn." John T. Fountain Sr., "didn't give a damn", and allowed Darcy Weir to spread disinformation about what happened to Cary's channel.
So that's the incident. I know, its ugly. I need your guys help. Spread this message, on Twitter, YouTube, etc. All my text are copyright-free and free to distribute. Get into contact with Darcy Weir, Cary Martynuik, and their close workers, and show them the evidence. They are all on Facebook. I can't do a whole lot because I want to stay anonymous. I've been disabled at Facebook and Twitter due to being anonymous. I don't want to be attacked, sued, defamed, or attached my name to this incident for exposing the truth, even with the undeniable evidence presented. I feel like being anonymous is best for me.
Sorry for the long post, but I hope it was enough to convince many of you reading this. If still skeptical, just present the evidence. It's right there. It's all in the archives. It's even on YouTube itself. The narrative on the interview goes contrary to the evidence found.
I first talked about this more on the Pegasus Forum thread called, "Topic: Unofficial LunaCognita's Backup" You'll find how it all went down there. More details there, and I have all of my evidence there, and uploaded, copyright-free and free to distribute. The thread has been archived.
Posted this already on LunaCognita subreddit which may go away soon, more information there, and Darcy Weir actually commented there. Titled, "LunaCognita's channel got Terminated by Darcy Weir with Copyright strikes!!!" If you need more information from me while I'm still active, you'll find my email there too posted by Darcy Weir himself. The link to the Pegasus Forum thread is there as well, posted by Darcy Weir.
Look at all the evidence and judge for yourself. Thank you and have a good day.
Email correspondence all uploaded in PDF, TXT, and video recorded too. On the Pegasus Forum thread.
[ New link to the evidence. Email me for the link. Go to cda dot pl, type in something like, "LunaCognitas channel was terminated by Darcy Weir with copyright strikes. " or, "unofficialloonacognito" and you'll find my channel called, "unofficialloonacognito". Uncensored version in video format found there, and link to the proof files.
Also, I cannot log into my yandex email. Use this email instead: ]
Last but not least, a quote to leave this whole thing off. Food for thought:
"Come, lay witness TO THE MOST MONUMENTAL COVERUP IN HUMAN HISTORY, where the only thing more incredible than the lies is the TRUTH." - Cary Martynuik
Unofficial LunaCognita's Backup
October 22, 2021 Update!
I just emailed the Copyrightslap team at Copyrightslap dot com (which Darcy Weir uses) regarding how Darcy Weir took down Cary's channel. My original email to them full quote:
"Hi there, I need your help,
I had email exchanges with the rights holder who is Darcy Weir. He never told me why he copyright claimed several Cary Martynuik's video to termination. He just said Cary gave him the rights to his videos.
So I need your help again. Since Darcy Weir is the rights holder, or copyright owner, did Darcy Weir submit a copyright takedown request towards LunaCognita and his videos?
Copyrightslap team replied full quote,
"Your email has been forward to Darcy Weir for Darcy to reply back directly. They issued the copyright infringement claim, yes.
We are a copyright delivery service and do not deal with anything beyond that. Darcy and Darcy's company will respond back directly to you if they desire, and if a retraction is requested, we will process it only upon the copyright holder's direct request.
If you send us the exact URL that was taken down, we can provide the exact DMCA Violation Notice that was sent in reference to it.
Thank you.
-CS Team"
Did you guys read that? Let's highlight it again.
"They issued the copyright infringement claim, yes."
And to do this, quote from YouTube, and highlighted,
"If you get a copyright strike, it means that a copyright owner submitted a complete and valid legal takedown request for using their copyright-protected content."
And here are the "Requirements for copyright infringement notifications",
"Your Contact Info."
"Description of your copyrighted work"
"Specific URLs of the videos in question"
"Agree to and include the following two statements:"
"Your signature"
Let's look at number 3, shall we? quoted, but removed the link. Highlighted key words,
"Your request must include specific links to the video or videos you believe infringes on your copyright.
Include the URL or URLs of the exact video or videos in the following format:
www dot youtube...
General info such as a channel name or channel URL is not adequate."
Just type in "copyright strike" on Google and its the first webpage I think. Titled, "Copyright strike basics - YouTube Help - Google Support"
So there you have it folks. Darcy Weir and his team deliberately filed a copyright takedown request on LunaCognita's channel to copyright claim his videos, resulting in copyright strikes to termination.
How many videos got copyright claimed? Well let's see, and I've counted, 22 videos out of 37. The rest get the message, "This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated."
Full email correspondence at the Pegasus Forum thread. Page 3, at the very bottom. Already uploaded. PDF form and recorded video.
More additional information:
On Tyler's interview, at the 23:05 mark. Transcribed as best I can, key words highlighted:
Darcy: "So, I started looking up all kinds of news and stuff, and I found out that recently, Cary, last year, his stepdad had passed away. Um, just really tragic, and um, I called the funeral home, and I spoke to them and they said, 'Well you can give your condolences to the family.' I spoke to Cary's mom, and you know I said like, 'I've been trying to get a hold of Cary for years now, um, is he around?'"
Cary: "That's right."
Darcy: "And she said, 'here is his phone number, give him a call.' I call him up. We had this conversation. We became fast friends. And I said, 'Look man, your stuff is no longer around, and I would love to work on this documentary series with you. I think you put together some of the best secret space information that's ever been brought out.' And uh he said, 'Yea, let's do this. You know? I love to work with you.' So I started sending him some cuts and stuff and sent him the final version of the doc, he loved it, and uh."
Cary: "Yea, I so impressed with it. That, I, I realized, ok, this guy, Darcy Weir, is in the same frame mind as I was in, in terms of wanting to approach this, logically and based on the evidence. That we had available on..."
Tyler: "He's a smart cookie isn't he?"
Cary: "Yea."
So couple days ago. I figured out who Cary's stepfather is that passed away, last year! And you know what? He passed away in December, 2020. Darcy got a hold of Cary in December, 2020!
[ Perhaps I read it wrong here. Perhaps it wasn't, "recently as of last year", but, "I found out recently, Cary's stepdad passed away last year." If the latter is true, then Darcy got of hold of Cary sometime between December 2020 to early Feb 2021 before the copyright strikes against LunaCognita. Still, roughly around the same time frame. In the email correspondence with Darcy Weir and Cary, I told Darcy, "You told Cary that his channel was terminated in 2020." However, Darcy never corrected this, suggesting he probably did contact Cary in 2020. ]
Undeniable evidence indicates Cary's channel was up and running in early 2021. Many archives in January, 2021 of Cary's channel proving his channel was alive, and not, "no longer around". (Archived January 28, 2021)
Let's quote this here:
Darcy: "We tried to recover it for like half a year remember? We were tryin a, log into it, using whatever passwords you could remember you wrote down..."
That's right, half a year. That could have only happened in 2021, not in 2020. [ Because his channel was terminated in Feb, 2021. From Feb to August is about a half a year. ] Things don't add up Darcy, it's time for an explanation. It's time for Darcy Weir, Cary Martynuik, John T. Fountain Sr., and even the Copyrightslap team for an explanation. How many players do we have in this grand LIE of a scheme?
An excellent quote from the man himself as a food for thought:
"Come, lay witness TO THE MOST MONUMENTAL COVERUP IN HUMAN HISTORY, where the only thing more incredible than the lies is the TRUTH." - Cary Martynuik
Stay tuned folks.
[ The next update wasn't archived unfortunately. If you remembered the part from Copyrightslap, quote, "If you send us the exact URL that was taken down, we can provide the exact DMCA Violation Noatice that was sent in reference to it." I did just that, all 22 videos. Copyrightslap replied they couldn't fetch it for me and suggest contacting YouTube. That was the update, and I also added the information about the video archived in February 3, 2021 too. ]

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