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Proof Cary Martynuik's channel was terminated in February, 2021 by Darcy Weir with copyright strikes. Then, Darcy Weir lied about it to the whole world in secureteam10's interview published August 19, 2021.

Let's see the timeline:
December 7, 2020 - Cary's stepfather passed away. Sometime later, Darcy Weir got a hold of Cary, according to the interview.
December, 2020 to early February, 2021 - Darcy Weir obtained rights to all of LunaCognita's videos, so that Cary has no rights to his videos anymore. Wow.
Early February, 2021 - Darcy Weir and his team terminated LunaCognita's channel with copyright strikes. 22 videos out of 37 copyright claimed by Darcy Weir.
August 19, 2021 - Tyler's interview video of Darcy Weir and Cary, titled, "HE'S ALIVE: MISSING UFO RESEARCH LEGEND SPEAKS!.." goes public in August 19, 2021, where Darcy Weir lied to the whole world regarding Cary's channel termination.

Tyler said in the video that LunaCognita's channel was terminated in 2017, but evidence points out that was not true. LunaCognita's channel was terminated in February, 2021, and only in February, 2021, after Darcy Weir met Cary Martynuik, and after Darcy Weir obtained all of Cary's rights to his OWN videos (37 that is). THOSE ARE CARY'S VIDEOS, NOT YOURS DARCY!!!

But, it seems like Darcy Weir didn't obtain rights to Cary's extra videos outside his channel. They can still be viewed on eeasynow's and SpaceTimeForum's YouTube channels, which is great.

Obtaining the rights and terminating LunaCognita's channel was probably the dumbest move Darcy Weir had possibly made in his life. Darcy, what you should have done was leave it alone, and still put LunaCognita's videos in your projects, and still make money off of them, because you were already supposedly, "good friends" with Cary, and he would allowed you. But, no, you had to take the unnecessary step further and obtained rights to his videos, take down his channel, and lie about it to the whole public. Dumb. And, LunaCognita's videos weren't hard to make. You could have just made your own similar videos.

It's too bad, if my Reddit post weren't deleted in mid 2022, I probably would have never made these videos... Thanks Reddit and Darcy Weir, you definitely encouraged me to expose Darcy Weir and his players even further!

More information on the internet, and in my videos too. Check them out. Full story below:
Livingmoon post:
Deleted Reddit post reposted:
LunaCognita's videos in a playlist:

Proof uploaded in pdf, txt, vid-recorded form, etc. In there you'll find the full email correspondences. Feel free to download, distribute, edit, put it on T-shirt, etc. No credits needed. CC0 video.

Email me at if you have any questions, but I won't be very active.

Cinematic Dramatic Orchestra by Infraction
Horror Ambience (Dark Project) by ESN Productions

"Come, lay witness TO THE MOST MONUMENTAL COVERUP IN HUMAN HISTORY, where the only thing more incredible than the lies is the TRUTH." - Cary Martynuik

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