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Proof that Cary Martynuik's channel was terminated in February 2021, by Darcy Weir with copyright strikes.
LunaCognita's channel up and running in January 25, 2021.

One of LunaCognita's video about the Israel Giant UFO up and running in February 3, 2021.

One of LunaCognita's video copyright claimed by Darcy Weir, archived on February 14, 2021. Go to the page source, find in page, "Darcy Weir", and you'll find his name there.

Another video archived in February 9, 2021, that explicitly states, "YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated." You'll find that information in the page source. Just find in page, "terminated", and you'll find the message.

Which means LunaCognita's channel got terminated sometime between February 3, 2021 to February 9, 2021.

LunaCognita video section archived in 2017. Check each video. Many of them were copyright claimed by Darcy Weir.

Enough to terminate Cary's channel. 22 videos out of 37 videos copyright claimed by Darcy Weir.

Then, Darcy Weir lied about it to the whole world in Tyler's interview published Aug 19, 2021. YouTube video titled, "HE'S ALIVE: MISSING UFO RESEARCH LEGEND SPEAKS!.." At the 18:31 mark.
Tyler: "At one point, your channel goes down completely. Do you know what happened there?"
Cary: "NO. That was one of the things that was so weird when, I got notified by someone by email, asking me, 'hey what happened to your channel?' And, I ended up having to contact YouTube..."
Tyler: "Uh huh."
Cary: "And say, 'what happened to my channel here?'"
Tyler: "Right."
Cary: "And, they really had no answer or anything."
Darcy: "We tried to recover it for like half a year remember? We were tryin a, log into it, using whatever passwords you could remember you wrote down..."
Cary: "Right."
Darcy: "Nothing."

Darcy, you copyright claimed Cary's own videos to utter termination! That's what happened! Those are Cary's videos, not yours!

And sadly, Sgt.Rocknroll aka John T. Fountain Sr., who is close friends with Cary and Darcy, didn't gave a damn and supported Darcy Weir's action against LunaCognita!

How many players do we have in this grand lie of a scheme? Don't tell me Tyler and Cary himself are involved too?

Oh, and I emailed Copyrightslap, site which Darcy Weir uses to copyright claim videos. This was what they had to say:
"They issued the copyright infringement claim, yes."

Darcy Weir and his team deliberately filed copyright takedown requests on LunaCognita's channel to copyright claim his videos, resulting in copyright strikes to termination.

Perpetual Danger by Ivan Bertolla
Objection! Pic and Sound Effect by Capcom

livingmoon post:
deleted reddit post:
All videos:

Video inspired by "UFOs In Outer Space (short trailer)" by LunaCognita. Fanmade trailer. No real movie for this is planned in the making by unofficialloonacognito. Contact me at for any questions, or concerns, but I won't be very active.

CC0 video. Feel free to spread this video on YouTube, Twitter, etc. No credits needed.

Food for thought:
"Come, lay witness TO THE MOST MONUMENTAL COVERUP IN HUMAN HISTORY, where the only thing more incredible than the lies is the TRUTH." - Cary Martynuik

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