10cc -Im Not In Love - The Marva Collins Story Version

10cc -Im Not In Love - The Marva Collins Story Version

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shorter version is better, minus the be-quiet-big-boys-dont-cry midsection Too bad that the song on a 7 45 RPM single had Kathy Redferns annoying be-quiet-big-boys-dont-cry junk ruining in midsong that 10ccs record label, Mercury had no time to omit, plus its too bad that the repeated first verse was omitted too abruptly. I will call that song very heartfelt and bittersweet that touches my heart, because its mainly all about marriage relationship falling out of favor. Besides its very touching. I made a comment about that song on YouTube and said: Its too bad that in 1975 British band 10cc might have taken a break from having a wacky sense of humor and started concentrating on a serious relevant version of the bittersweet heartbreaking ballad, Im Not In Love, minus Kathy Redferns self-parody and believe me it is 10 times better than the epic 6-minute version of that song with her part added.

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