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Marsz Wielkiej Polski Niepodległej we Wrocławiu (11.11.2017):
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Komentarze do: 99. rocznica odzyskania niepodległości. Zapraszamy na MARSZ we Wrocławiu!
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jennajamieson2 2024-04-18 19:04:56 0
Satanists could be invited to prey upon the outside world, of course, but Anton regularly reminded
them that the outside world was inclined to be more than a little Satanic itself. A hunter who brashly
disregarded society’s protective guidelines in the quest for success might well wind up inside of the tiger.
Here he emphasized the realism that the absurdly arrogant heroes of Ayn Rand’s novels had disdained to
consider in their Quixotic crusades for self-aggrandizement.
Another problem with the law of the jungle was that some Satanists, unable or unwilling to ride the
tiger outside of the Church of Satan, elected to try their hand within it, preying upon other Satanists. This
tendency was encouraged by the psychological self-confidence accorded insecure individuals by the very
fact of their Church membership, to say nothing of any additional honors or offices held in the
organization. Odpowiedz
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