ARIEL - How a Failed Motorcycle Company Now Makes INSANE Cars | Up To Speed

ARIEL - How a Failed Motorcycle Company Now Makes INSANE Cars | Up To Speed

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Ariel Motor Company is famous for their Ariel Atom, Ariel Nomad and Ariel Ace, but did you know the Ariel of today actually started 150 years ago? From penny-farthing bikes to iconic motorcycles like the Ariel Red Hunter, Ariel Square Four and Ariel Cyclone, this small British manufacturer set the stage for success but died under poor leadership. Now back from the dead, the Ariel of today makes ultra-low production, ultra-lightweight speed monsters. So hold on to your face and join host James Pumphrey as he gets you Up To Speed on the exciting history of Ariel Motor Company!

Episode Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:58 The Death of Ariel Motors
04:58 The Birth of Ariel Motors
06:19 The Cars
11:08 The Future of Ariel Motors

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Bardzo ciekawa historia zepsuta próbą opowiadania, a tak naprawdę błazenadą dwóch idiotów. Odpowiedz
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