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Women are starting to notice Axl: they sense that something is different about him. The women who tried to kill Axl are revealed as reincarnated Norse goddesses, also searching for Frigg. Having failed to kill Axl and forestall the prophecy, the natural disaster that killing him now would provoke would probably kill them, too. Now, they are instead determined to find Frigg first and prevent her and Axl meeting. Their leader Agnetha tasks their oracle Ingrid with finding Frigg, while bike courier Stacey is to follow Axl. Meanwhile, Axl chats up a librarian he meets while borrowing books about Norse gods. He lets slip that he is Odin and she says she is Frigg; she then invites him to a costume party for gods at her house. Axls brothers are sceptical that the quest could so easily be fulfilled, as are the goddesses when Stacey relays the overheard conversation. The goddess Sjöfn (Michele) is sent to the party. Axl arrives out of costume but with his sword, and finds a second girl calling herself Frigg: he realizes they are players of an online RPG. He recognizes Michele as the woman who shot him with an arrow, and they have a sword fight that amazes the guests. During the fight, she reveals the goddesses plans: they want to prevent the Johnsons powers being restored, as the gods would then rule them. In another plotline, Ty is infatuated with Helen, a nightclub owner whose refrigerator he is called out to repair. He is strongly drawn to her and feels warmth around her, and thinks it could be love. When they make love it begins to snow in Helens apartment. Ty is horrified to have revealed his powers, but Helen immediately accepts his godhood, revealing she is the goddess Iðunn. Later, Olaf tells him that Iðunns destiny, in all of her incarnations, is to be with Bragi (Anders), whom she will love at first sight, and that it never ends well for her. Ty reluctantly breaks with her, because they can have no future, and to prevent her meeting Anders. Ty then notices Dawn, Anders long-suffering secretary.

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W katalogu: The Almighty Johnsons
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