1x05 - Project Britain (A History of Scotland)
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Dodał: Hagbard

1x05 - Project Britain

Oliver describes how the ambitions of two of Scotlands Stuart monarchs were the driving force that united two ancient enemies, and set them on the road to the Great Britain we know today. While Mary Queen of Scots plotted to usurp Elizabeth I and seize the throne of England, her son James dreamt of a more radical future: a Protestant Great Britain.

A history of Scotland is, like as the name says, about Scotlands history. The first episode takes us through how Scotland was created and why its role in one of the greatest wars helped define Britain in the modern era. The second episode revolves around two front figures in Scottish history, Alexander II and William Wallace, and how they shaped Scotland. Episode three takes us to Robert The Bruce and his fight for Scottish independence and how the church promoted his cause. Episode four takes us to how the Stewarts caused a divide in Scotland between the Highlands and the Lowlands. And episode five revolves around the unification of Scotland and Britain during the reign of Mary Queen Of Scots.

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