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A Progressive House Virtual Video

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(00:00)Made For You (Talamanca & Roald Velden Remix) - The Blizzard & Daniel Van Sand Feat. Julie Thompson
(06:19)NAN (Andrew Lang Remix) - Nap Till Nine
(12:45)Chordplay (Original Mix) - Sebastian Weikum Pres. Junostar
(19:26)Memorial (Original Mix) - Ad Brown Feat. Kerry Leva
(24:26)Into the Night (Denis Neve Dub Remix) - Gregory Esayan feat. Natalia Pevcova
(30:13)Oceans (Original Mix) - James Woods
(34:58)In Caelo (Bee Hunter Remix) - Dinka & Morttagua
(41:14)Stellar (Sollito Remix) - Tom Nucleus
(45:56)Sundiving (Sergey Shemet Remix) - Stargliders & Seawayz
(51:20)Of This World (Original mix) - Firas Tarhini

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