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The original "Wartok Canyons" sounds slightly (or is it?) different from the Official Soundtrack available on the internet and it had always bugged me those oversynthesized midi samples, ruining the original 'feeling' and atmosphere of the first Drakan. Therefore I took great pains to download the first game, install it, play until the Wartok Canyons level and then rip out the music. If you don't believe it try it for yourself. It sounds much better. However, seeing that the music here is definitely compressed thanks to YouTube (my original video file were using the uncompressed PCM sound so there was no error on my end) I have also made two very high quality copies availabe for download:
❶ AC3 file➡44110 Hz, 640 kbps:!Aie_9vaJ4hl_3mQ2kshZSlKr2r7J [16,9 MB]
❷ FLAC file➡44110 Hz, 2116 kbps:!Aie_9vaJ4hl_3mX-JlbHnJofzuJk [38,6 MB]

My first contact with Drakan was when I was merely 13 years old and nearly every 2 days I was venturing to my friend's home just to play Drakan demo one more time. When I got my hands on the full version (this time on my own PC) I was even printing colorful images out of game screenshots (mostly Rynn) using my old HP ink printer and then pasting them onto school notebook's covers. Such was my passion. I have never forgotten this game. When the second installment was announced on PlayStation®2 only I was greatly disappointed. Funny thing is that only recently I found an original copy of Drakan: TAG in one of the local supermarkets. I bought it without hesitation even knowing that I do not have PS2. That didn't matter to me at that time. Nowadays PS2 is very difficult to come by, but fortunately I recalled that I used to emulate SNES games so the idea sparkled in my mind why not to try and emulate a PS2 game? After that I found an admirable little program called "PCSX2" which works magic. Now I can enjoy Drakan world as if it was my first time. I've already beaten the game once and now readying myself to do that again :-]

Please, enjoy my little video! ━☆゚.*・。゚

PS. Cover image by Firey-Flamy (taken from DeviantArt).
PSS. Music composed by Barry Leitch, Tim Ebling & B.L.A.S.T., copyright holder is Warner Bros (?!) I believe.
PSSS. Only during the glorious 90' the best films and video games were made. I am sure of it.

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