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Dodał: ForTuneOfficial
Konto zweryfikowane
Opublikowano: 2018-10-19

Composition from the album "Ninjazz" by Tomasz Dąbrowski AD HOC. Release date for the album: June 15th 2018.
Utwór z albumu Tomasz Dąbrowski AD HOC - "Ninjazz".
Premiera płyty 15 czerwca 2018 r.


Yet Another (following Steps, Vermilion Tree and Radical Moves) Tomasz Dąbrowski project published by our label, this time it’s a vinyl recorded with a great team, including the following Japanese musicians: the legendary pianist Hiroshi Minami, double-bass player Hiroko Chiba and the drummer Hiroshi Tsuboi. This is the second joint project of the Ad Hoc Quartet, which was formed in 2014, when Tomasz Dąbrowski first visited Japan. Their first album was titled Strings, it was released in 2015. The music from said album was performed during two concert tours in Japan.

A Ninja symbolises the highest level of craftsmanship and refinement in martial arts. A Ninja is a warrior enveloped in a mysterious nimbus – a master of intuition, elusiveness, as well as the unexpected, he is the unseen... consistently and with unerring precision hitting his mark.

How can this album be described? What is this unique Polish-Japanese interaction of thought and sound? "I never dreamed that I’ll have a Japanese band, just like I never expected it to be so easy to create without using verbal communication. Ad Hoc is a band of no words, while its music pours like a wide stream with little use of formal composition, when compared with my previous albums. The Ninjazz album is an important point in my artistic development, it is a full-blown and thought-out album, which very aptly portrays the position of Ad Hoc at this moment, as well as the direction of my artistic exploration. [...] The pieces are so constructed and have such flow as to effectively introduce Slavic melancholy to Japanese audiences, which the Japanese people really appreciate in music, all of this is combined with guided improvisation. Japanese people are typically very reserved, they don’t usually express emotions... that means that those emotions, which every person possesses have to find an outlet somehow. And this is what happens when we play. I have an overwhelming feeling that this Japanese restraint works very well within the context of this band..." - that's what Tomasz Dąbrowski had to say about the project. (FOR TUNE®)


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