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Dodał: MINtOfficial
Konto zweryfikowane
Opublikowano: 2022-03-21


from the album Shot To Pieces




Production and Direction: Christina Voelz

DOP/Edit/Colorgrading: Jakob Milling

2nd camera and Lights: Jo Schwab

Choreography: Lydia Graßmann

Makeup/Hair/Styling: Fee Lüneburg

Costumes: @Assembledhalf

Photo on set: Jan Peter Schulz
@JanPeterSchulz and Maria Bolz @mariabolz_


Main Couple:

Maria Manuela W.

Mo (Maureen Berend)

Side Couples:

Domenico Daunheimerò


Karol Mietkiewicz

Uchenna Jonas

Minh Chau

David S.

Ania Bui

Mateusz P.

Martyna W

Dawid N.

Lydia Graßmann

Jochen Kibel


Samira Aakcha

Giorgia Calliari

Amara Thomas Saavedra

Tony Schwadtke

Sho Nakasatomi

Special thx to Sage Beach and Andrew.



He doesnt like it when I come and I call him my man
He gives me a dirty look, but he lets me have my way
I love it

I look at him and he knows we are starting the game
The sparks in the air fly around to ignite the nights flame
I love it

He likes to kiss my lips and he does it so well
I want to kiss him and kiss until we are both stripped
I love it

Shadows come down off the walls and theyre starting their dance
Between the dusk and the dawn, everything is enhanced
I love it


Whispers and breaths disappear into electrified air
I think I may fade away, but his hand holds on to mine
love it

He holds me like flowers that bloomed and withered away
I lose myself in the warmth of two bodies surrender
I love it

Hes my Eros
Im his Psyche
When the moon shines
He walks by me

In the daylight
Were transforming
So he leaves me
In the morning

Im his Eros
Hes my Psyche
Were the story
Whispered shyly

We are lovers
We are dreamers
With a passion
With no limits

We are heroes
We are dreamers

With no limits

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