Why NASA Is Studying Meteor Smoke in Earths Atmosphere? | Unveiled
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Dodał: Unveiled
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Opublikowano: 2022-01-14

How can passing meteors impact life on Earth? Join us... to find out more!

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In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at recent NASA studies into meteor smoke within the Earths atmosphere! Moving through the 21st century, we now have a better understanding of the solar system than ever before... but this one fact of space could reveal all about why were alive on this planet, in the first place!

This is Unveiled, giving you incredible answers to extraordinary questions!

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0:00 Intro
0:43 NASAs Meteor Studies
2:48 The SOFIE Experiment
4:40 Meteor Smoke and Photosynthesis
6:00 What Does It Mean?
7:17 Conclusions

#Space #SolarSystem #NASA #MeteorSmoke #Asteroid #Meteor #Science #Astronomy

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