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Its a war on freedom. Anyone smart enough should know it by now.
People still cant see this is totally over the top when countries like Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland follow communistic ZERO-COVID strategy. However, they can see that they are slaves in their colonies, not the sovereign people in sovereign states.
THE ZERO-COVID campaign was initially launched in Britain by pseudo-left supporters of former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and senior trade union leaders who are all the experts at stifling any social movement under the guise of left phrases.
THE ZERO-COVID strategy is of another pseudo-left NGO paid to call for stricter measures. It propagates Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum (DAVOS) or AGENDA 30, if you prefer.
THE ZERO-COVID strategy campaigns to beat the pandemic by utterly eliminate Covid-19. It promotes harsher measures for the country-wide total shutdown of all non-essential and unsafe workplaces, nurseries, and places of worship. It supports lockdown of the whole country, Covid screening, and quarantine at all ports of entry to the country.
For just one case (positive PCR test) it introduces no full reopening of schools until it is safe.
It supports self-isolation and PCR Test and Trace strategy in the public sector, wearing face coverings and vaccinate the whole population during extended border closure to finally reach Zero Cases. THE ZERO-COVID strategy equals THE NEW WORLD ORDER. So its easy to figure out who sponsors it.
The Irish Health Minister, Stephen Donnelly has recently confirmed that current lockdown restrictions would remain in the future with schools closed and the 5km travel limit reduced to 2km if the State pursued THE ZERO-COVID strategy.
The Irish Communist parties like Social Democrats, Sinn Fein, and People Before Profit fully support THE ZERO-COVID strategy in Ireland.

Vote for them. It will change the course of our future and your life forever.

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