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Dodał: Donut Podcasts
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Opublikowano: 2021-03-07

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Today on Past Gaswhy the 90s was the golden age of supercars. The lightning fast McLaren F1, the objectively sexy Lamborghini Diablo, and the very weird and very amazing Vector W8are just a few, of the many 90s exotics, that made our list. What made this era of supercars, super special? How did Muscle Cars pave the path for modern exotics? And most importantly of all could we ever see another golden age of these high performance, high price autos? Join James, Nolan, and Joe, as we turn back the clock to the 1990s, and revisit these wild, dangerously appealing machines.


Donut Media brings you some of the craziest stories from all of automotive history in their new podcast Past Gas!. Hosts James Pumphrey and Nolan Sykes walk you through incredible stories behind your favorite cars and manufacturers, like underground Japanese racing clubs, bitter racing rivalries and how some of your favorite classic cars came to be. Remember, its about cars, not about farts.

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