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Dodał: MojoPlays
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Opublikowano: 2018-01-14

Greatest Video Game Console of All Time: The Nintendo
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What is the best video game console ever made. Obviously the top contenders come from Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Which PlayStation is the best? Which X-Box was the bestselling? With generations to look at, we took into account everything some top sellers, to the consoles with the most games, the best games, and finally decided that the original grey and black Nintendo Entertainment system is the most iconic, important and best video game console ever. Why does everyone like Nintendo so much? Join MojoPlays as we discuss why the NES takes the gold for best video game system ever made.

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Gaming is the fastest growing, most innovative and most exciting form of entertainment in the world. A medium thats pushing the envelope in terms of cutting edge technology, cross cultural experiences and interactive story telling demands a form of commentary and analysis that can properly represent its growing influence and importance: thats where MojoPlays steps in. On this channel, we seek to create content that gamers are proud to call their own; videos that put gamers at the head of the pack when it comes to insightful, intelligent media analysis. Gamers are getting smarter every day - its time they had a YouTube channel that goes with them.

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