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A total of 2,208 people sailed on the maiden voyage of RMS Titanic.
On 15th April 1912. 1,496 people perished, of which only 712 survived.

When Alexander thought about what awaited him in the worst scenario, fate smiled upon him, and he was presented with a fresh opportunity to get into a lifeboat. Collapsible B. It was an upside-down lifeboat. After the ship had sunk, many people swimming in the water found their way to, 2nd Officer Lightoller was among these men, and he quickly took charge of the boat. Many passengers and crew in the water were told there was no more room on board for them. Some decided to remain alongside the boat in the hopes of finding space later, while others swam off in search of another refuge. Many of the ones waiting to board would die in the cold Atlantic waters.

Theres a wonderful yet horrific scene in the movie A Night to Remember showing how it was with Collapsible B.

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