Apollo 11: True emotions - Tak cieszą się astro-naci po najw.. przygodzie
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Those fkn mobs are part of agenda. How you will be feeling after returning from moon. Like after best party on the world and here those guys look like beaten dogs, body language is telling you everything... Yeah You Darwin People called monkeys yesterday today called cows...Be lie ve in sp[ace walks, globe and other retarted stuff...

Łykacie wszystko jak Pelikany, telewizja prawda wam powie wy ludziki ciemnogrodu co zapomnieliście i macie wyje84ne na swoje prawdziwe pochodzenie i prawdziwą wiarę, którą na pewno nie jest chrześcijanimzm...Każdy kto chwilę pomyśli zrozumie na czym krzyż(chris) polega. Wszyscy wasi zmarli przodkowie z krzyżami na nagrobkach są zniewoleni...

Feelings of Neil Armstrong at Apollo 11 Press Conference in 1969 versus the commotion after the Historic Landing of Blue Origin Rocket on Nov. 23, 2015; In addition: performance of the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle LLRV in 1968 and recorded sound in vaccum on the moon.

some comments copied:

11 months ago
they are full of guilt

Giugno Caparo
6 months ago
That interview should have been a fun moment, talking about an incredible experience. Instead, it was full of tension. Why?

Ivan Gonzalez
1 year ago
he looks depressed... true emotions cannot hide... so they never landed on the moon. period.

Jesus Saves
1 year ago
wow they look so miserable.

Zem Zem
11 months ago
When the reporter asks Neil if he saw any stars in the solar corona he didnt know what to say. The astronaut next to him says he didnt remember seeing any stars. Then Neil Armstrong whispers something to him. That same astronaut (I forgot his name) later recanted his story and remembered seeing stars.

Ofcourse the big question was why no stars are shown in the pictures not even in the ones with the shawdow side of the moon. It was all a giant hoax.

Lizzy D
6 months ago
Hardly the look of a man that has made history, This speaks volumes. Wake up people NASA are Satanic Freemasons who use CGI HOLLYWOOD!

Tim Johnson
10 months ago
there is a place beyond belief? yeah its called disbelief. he was leaving all the clues in his 1994 speech. he compared himself to a parrot. you know what parrots do. they say whatever they are told to say. I dont blame him. he saw what they did to grissom.

david wren
7 months ago
You cannot change your guilty face, everyone has one. its so other humans know easier who to trust by facial expressions alone. point? there all lying....

4 months ago
Only old Buzz doesnt give a shit about the truth. Hes determined and garded. Dont fuck this up! Hes sold shit that he supposedly took to the moon and back. Coins, notes. Its such a joke. I cannot believe it has not been blown wide open. The space shuttle never went higher than 610km where they encountered issues with the van Allen belt radiation and back in 1969 these fuckers barreled 350.000km to the moon and back in 8 days in their pathetic little tin can? Give me a break.

Stefanie McGahan
8 months ago
Watch the full hour and 20 minute press conference... at 39:03 I believe, they laugh about practicing in a mock rover, but you can tell its because they knew thats where they filmed the whole faked landing. Then, at around 67 minutes, Buzz whispers something to Collins and Armstrong is listening in and neither thought what he said was funny... I wish I could make out what he says!!

Chris Halliday
5 months ago
All the astronauts swear they went to the Moon and alot of people even me thought they were lying but what if they werent. We know the government did alot of research on mind control and I wonder if they used it on the astronauts to make them think they went to the moon. Just a thought

Alexander Watson
4 months ago (edited)
Couldnt look more guilty three dicks absolute lying scum looking as if there on trial cause they know they were about to be if you think bin laden orchestrated 911 from a cave in Afghanistan and that man has set foot on the moon you need to take a hard look at yourself

james bolem
4 months ago
body language all wrong , they look beaten men, not proud and happy.something very wrong.

Stay Woke
2 months ago (edited)
That flimsy lunar module contraption couldnt fly the altitude of an airplane let alone outside the Earths orbit! Nobody ever went to the moon. It was all a sham! If so, we would be making regular trips with civilians taking rides. Its almost 2018 and nobodys been since? Thats because nobody EVER went. #wakeup #staywoke

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