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This video is styled as a documentary expose, and contains a huge amount of information (which is typical for my videos). I was led by the Holy Spirit to review the trailer for Gray State by David Crowley. When I arrived at the trailer, I did not know what to look for, but then I caught a glimpse of the executioner with the Masonic apron. I believe this is what the LORD wanted me to see. This conceptual trailer was published four years ago. Quite honestly, I do not know how else I caught this, except by the Holy Spirit. I offer praise to the Father for his Son, our LORD Jesus, our King.

David Crowley left a secret in his conceptual trailer for Gray State. It is a secret that, I believe, is intentional. Crowley wanted us to know about the identity of a terrifying character who is operating a guillotine at the end of the trailer. The character is covered in blood and the scene is quite gruesome. I noticed, however, that this character is wearing a Masonic apron, almost identical to the one worn by 33 degree Grand Master Harry Truman in his portrait.

It isnt surprising that Masonic Hollywood publishes so many movies about things that are meant to distract from the truth. Western countries are having their basic way of life come under attack from all sides: political, spiritual, emotional, and social. The most powerful nations once existed in the West, but will now be brought down to make way for the new world order.

The Freemasons are one of the most mysterious organizations in the world. However, there is evidence that they are behind many of the worlds revolutions, the overthrowing of governments, and rebellions against authority. There is significant evidence they are behind the following: the overthrow of the Roman Catholic church, the American and French Revolution, the Italian Revolution of 1830 (they are also behind other revolutions that I did not list in this video), the KKK formation between 1865-1869 and its reinstitution in 1915 under William Simmons Grand Master of Freemasonry, the Trail of Tears under Grand Master Andrew Jackson, and the detonations at Hiroshima and Nagasaki during 33 degree Freemason Harry Trumans presidency. Freemasonry has a lengthy history of rebellion, revolution, the toppling of entire governments and authorities, and the provoking of chaos. It is all intentional, meant to set up their New World Order.

I have studied and read thousands of pages of text written by Freemasons. They are behind a prophecy known as the 5776 Anno Lucis In the Year of Light, which is the time period for the arrival of Lucifer on Earth. This started on September 14, 2015 and will continue through October 2016.

Lastly, I have received multiple death threats, stalking, threats to hunt me down and hurt me, my channels have been hacked, I have been threatened with a lawsuit, and on and on. I have been living life in hiding because of what has happened with this channel. Please offer prayers to the Father for my safety. Thank you so much, brothers and sisters. I will continue to work for the LORD until my time is completed.

Footage from:
Gray State Conceptual Trail
2012 and Contagion
The Next News Network interview with David Crowley
Music from:
Mattia Cupelli (Royalty and Copyright Free)

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o I feel Things o
o I see Things o
o I know Things o
by RO

Newtons apple not fall to the ground because of the downgrade gravity but because of the upward momentum of EMR or LIGHT
by Tesla

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