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Opublikowano: 2022-06-23

The world we know it today is overtly connected in almost every facet whether it is through culture, media, technology or art. Throughout the majority of human history, this was not the case, however, and this global interconnection was only made possible through advanced forms of travel and communication. One cultural marker that points to the transition from global isolation to inclusion is the World Fairs which are also called World Expositions where people from all around the world come and both present and admire scientific, cultural or artistic creations from their peers. There have been several impactful iterations of the World Fair throughout history, but one edition, in particular, was the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition held in Chicago.
For both the city of Chicago and the entire world, the 1893 Worlds Columbian Exposition left a lasting impact in ways both big and small. For a city that was rebuilding itself after a devastating fire, the Exposition proved as a shining example of Chicagos resilience. From the Ferris Wheel to Chicago-style hotdogs, Woodrow Wilson to electricity, this edition of the World Fair often served as a first exposure to things that would become household names for many. Originally held to commemorate the near 400-year anniversary of Christopher Columbuss discovery of America, the Worlds Columbian Exposition in Chicago now serves as a marker within American history itself, signaling the height of the Industrial Revolution and more explicitly, a foreshadowing for the passing of the torch from Europe to America in terms of geopolitical and culture power, which was hastily approaching.

0:00 Chicagos Exposition One of the Most Impactful World Fairs
1:57 What the World Fairs Mean to the World Today
4:09 History of the World Fairs The First Expositions that Showed the Worlds Innovation
6:11 Why Chicago was Chosen for the 1893 World Exposition
9:42 What Chicagos 1893 World Exposition Had to Show The White City, the Midway Section and the Ferris Wheel
13:55 The Impact of the 1893 World Fair Which is Still Felt Today Chicagos Signature Food, Electricity and Neo-Classical Architecture
17:05 How the 1893 World Fair Marked the Growing Global Power of the USA

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Scriptwriter - Brandon Evans,
Editor - Karolina Szwata,
Host - Ryan Socash

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