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Dodał: Sabaton History
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Opublikowano: 2020-06-18

It happened during the last stage of the Soviet-Afghan War.
Already withdrawing its forces, Soviet High Command needed to display its might one last time by recapturing the vital Satukandav Pass. But to achieve that goal, the commanding heights surrounding the pass had to be held against continuous Mujahideen attacks.
In the Battle for Hill 3234, an outnumbered force of Soviet paratroopers held their own against relentless attacks from the Afghan rebels.

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Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Written by: Markus Linke and Indy Neidell
Directed by: Astrid Deinhard and Wieke Kapteijns
Produced by: Pär Sundström, Astrid Deinhard and Spartacus Olsson
Creative Producer: Joram Appel
Community Manager: Maria Kyhle
Executive Producers: Pär Sundström, Joakim Broden, Tomas Sunmo, Indy Neidell, Astrid Deinhard, and Spartacus Olsson
Post-Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns
Edited by: Iryna Dulka
Sound Editing by: Marek Kaminski
Maps by: Eastory -

Eastory YouTube Channel:
Archive by: Reuters/Screenocean
Music by Sabaton.

- Abramov Andrey, ALDOR46, Fdutil, P.Fisxo; from Wikimedia
- E.Kuvakin
- Erwin Franzen
- Archive of S.V. Rozhkova
- Photos of 350th airborne regiment, courtesy of the 5th airborne company trooper Sergey Novikov
- Archive of the 345th airborne parachute regiment
- Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division.

An OnLion Entertainment GmbH and Raging Beaver Publishing AB co-Production.

© Raging Beaver Publishing AB, 2019 - all rights reserved.

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