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Is Kraków a Jewish City?  [Kult America]
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Dodał: KultAmerica
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Opublikowano: 2016-01-05

As an American one thing that comes across as exotic about Poland, is the fact that the country is made up of its own people. Unless you’ve grown up in a homogeneous society like that, its difficult to imagine.

But Whats more difficult to imagine, after spending some time in Poland, is the fact that this place was once a diverse part of Europe, famous for accommodating outsiders and immigrants. Most notably, were the Jewish people who actually lived here for hundreds of years. As I’ve previously pointed out, the tragedies of war left many literally visible scars on Poland, but in the case of Jewish Poles, these wounds is not so obvious, in that for many people its simply hard to see something which has completely vanished.

With the most powerful evidence of a murdered society being ash mixed with dirt in the former Nazi concentration camps, I wanted to explore to see what other remnants had been left behind, so I headed to Kraków to see what I could find.

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Przydałyby się napisy polskie Odpowiedz
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Young man go back to school or read few extra books there was no Nazi all was done by German nation and with big help of western Europe and America they could bombing factor but they couldn't bomb gas chambers in concentration camps or train track to comps Odpowiedz
anonim33 (*.*.134.33) 2018-03-07 20:46:35 0
Jewish pigs Odpowiedz
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