Red Stickman Animation Fighting Stick cartoons puzzle game Level 41-50 + BOSS Walkthrough free games
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Dodał: JustBaby
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Opublikowano: 2022-06-08

Red Stickman is a casual strategy game with stickman as the protagonist. In the game, players need to lead the red stickman to complete various tasks. The gameplay is relatively simple. There are currently two modes in the game, one is the main In the game mode, players need to pass various levels. There are various obstacles and monsters in each level, which need to be overcome by players. There is also a simple 1v1 confrontation mode, which can help players obtain a large amount of gold coins to unlock New skins. However, the price of the skins of this game is relatively high. Graphic Red Stickman is a very classic stickman game screen, the screen is simple but the playability is very high. Red Stick is one of the Fighting Stick Figures. He is also one of the main characters of the Red And Blue Stickman Animation

Perfect news for the lovers of Red And Blue Stickman Animation! The sequel to the series has been completed and now available on mobile as Red Stickman : Fighting Stick! The Stick Adventure is an addictive platform puzzle game, where you have to control characters. Control both creatures at the same time and activate buttons to move platforms, push boxes and collect diamonds to get to the exit door of the forest temple? Thats what the brave heroes Water blue girl and Fire red boy are about to find out for themselves in this amazing teamwork stick adventure game.
The best maze game, teamwork game and adventure game ever in Water and Fire stick: Forest Temple Maze! Its addictive and very fun to play with your kids or your friends. Have a good time with Red and blue stickman

Features of Red Stickman : Fighting Stick
Various maps and levels being updated frequently: so many levels of fireboy and watergirl.
Easy but addictive teamwork gameplay: Stick parkour and stick fighting
Nice characters and design: Stickman animation is so satisfying
Full of stickman destruction all-action blockbuster soaked up all the best in stickman warriors games
Smooth control: red and blue stickman
Fight and win to unlock various new skin

How to play Red Stickman: Fighting Stick

Move Red Stick by arrows and avoid obstacles.
Red boy must avoid the obstacle : poison water, enemies
Collect golds as many as possible


Become a champion of a supreme stickman fight battle!

This is one of the few mobile games I feel could compare to a Nintendo game in how good it is you MUST MUST MUST x INFINITY PLAY IT

Red Stickman: Fighting Stick - Welcome to the fascinating experience game with Red Stickman legend. Run and gather game things to purchase another cool skin or weapon for your legend. Utilize the blade to battle foes and make room. Hop on stages and over impediments in this platformer game. Have a decent game.

How I Make Videos:

I play each game along with the game mods and create different scenes and maps for each movie.

I make thumbnails by taking a screenshot of my game.
Later, I edit these screenshots and create the thumbnails.

All footage used in my video is 100% captured and my property.

* Every gameplay clip on this channel is recorded and edited by me (NO RE-USE OF CONTENT).

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