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MMA Fighting Jigsaw
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Dodano: 2012-08-31 22:03:45
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MMA Fighting Jigsaw is another awesome fighting jigsaw game that you can play on internet and for free. This game will love everyone that likes fighting game and jigsaw game. In this cool fighting game there is a picture with two fighters in a boxing ring. The point of the game is to set the parts of the picture. The game has totally 4 levels easy with 12 pieces, medium with 48 pieces, hard with 108 pieces and expert with 192 pieces that you have to put to the right place in order to win the game. To start playing this game first you have to choose the level that you like to play and then you have to press shuffle. You have to set the picture in the given time or the game will be over. Also you can remove the time if you want to play relaxed without rushing. If you have difficulty in solving the jigsaw you can see the picture whenever you like, that will certainly help you. Also you can turn on music that will calm you down while you playing. Play this very fun fighting jigsaw game an

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