Ovum Defender 2

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4.0 / 5 Oceny: 11

Kategoria: Gry defense (obrona wieży)

Dodał: anonim Odsłony: 54041

The sequel for the previous Ovum Defender. Your mission is still same: prevent the sperm reach the egg. But now you aren't work alone, now you can build guns and/or ships to assists you.

Game Instruction:
1. Simply kill all incoming sperm
2. Control the main gun with your mouse, shoot by pressing left mouse button
3. Press space to switch between auto-pilot/build mode to manual mode
4. Use WASD keys to pan/move the camera
5. For more detailed instruction, please read the HELP/HOW-TO section in the game

1. Upgradeable main gun
2. 13 bot unit types, (7 guns and 6 ships). All can be upgraded
3. 11 types of enemies, Each sperm have their unique ability and each of them have 3 level. So in total, you will face 33 types of sperm.
4. 12 achievements to unlock. The achievements also will also add some points to your total score
5. 50 levels to complete. But it will not stop at that level only, you can still continue your play by continuing to the next playthrough. So y

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